NY Minute Thursday May 13

star3 Compliance Corner: Elder financial exploitation THE NEW YORK MINUTE https://newyorkminute.blog/2021/05/13/associations-compliance-corner-elder-financial-exploitation/

star3 Three Association chapters to consolidate THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 Missed the webinar on New York’s HERO ACT? Access it online! THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 U.S. households borrow more than ever, just not on credit cards CU TIMES 

star3 Inflation is here. What now? NEW YORK TIMES 

star3 House next, final stop for resolution repealing OCC’s ‘true lender’ rule REGULATORY REPORT 

star3 New York poised to expand voting rights as other states suppress them GOTHAMIST 

star3 Cheney ousted; key vote nears for Stefanik’s climb to GOP conference chair TIMES UNION 

star3 CUNA awareness campaign to open eyes in two more states CUTODAY 

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