Sunmark Credit Union and its foundation launch ‘Summer of Kindness’ initiative

Sunmark Credit Union and the Sunmark Charitable Community Foundation launched a campaign this week to celebrate the “Summer of Kindness” in their local communities. The credit union and its foundation is partnering with Beekman 1802, an independent skin care company founded in Sharon Springs.

Starting in May and running all summer, children up to age 12 are invited to “deposit kindness” by submitting their ideas on how they would spread kindness where they live. Kindness forms are available at any Sunmark Credit Union location, or the Sunmark Credit Union website. Children are also invited to deposit their ideas into the Beekman 1802 goat banks located at any Sunmark Credit Union branch, or via email at

A “kindness crew,” comprised of Sunmark Credit Union and Beekman 1802 employees, and Sunmark Charitable Community Foundation volunteers, will review submissions and select ideas to become kindness projects. These projects will be fulfilled throughout the summer, with the kindness crew working together with the child who submits the form to bring their ideas to life and spread kindness in their community.

“A child can remind us just how easy it can be to share the purest forms of kindness with each other,” said Bryan Delehanty, executive VP/CFO of Sunmark Credit Union and president of the Sunmark Charitable Community Foundation. “Sunmark and our Foundation are excited to bring their ideas to our members and communities during this Summer of Kindness and beyond. We can’t wait to collect their ideas and bring them to life with our partner at Beekman 1802, another local business who cares about kindness as much as we do.”

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