Here are ways to participate in International Credit Union Week!

Happy International Credit Union Week! This year’s theme, “Building financial health for a brighter tomorrow,”™ reflects the way credit unions contribute to a brighter future by working to improve members’ financial well-being. It is at the heart of the mission and structure of credit unions. The essence of this commitment is reflected in each institution’s bylaws and it’s something credit unions have been doing for more than 100 years.

In recognition of International Credit Union Week, the New York Credit Union Association is hosting an exclusive virtual trivia event for credit union professionals across the state — on International Credit Union Day — at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 21.

The Association is teaming up with Cabot Creamery — which, as a co-op, shares the Association’s cooperative spirit and principles — who will award the top trivia winners with prizes! So let’s get ready to play credit union trivia! If you are in it to win it (cheese, that is), register now for the complimentary Zoom event here.

Interested participants can study up on their credit union knowledge on the Association’s website, which includes a history of the credit union movement in New York state. And be sure to follow the Association on social media for more fun facts about credit unions!

Also on International Credit Union Day, the NCUA is hosting a special webinar at 2 p.m on Oct. 21, “Pathways to Safe and Affordable Account Access for Consumers.” This webinar will highlight safe, low-cost transactional and savings accounts that are responsive to the needs of consumers, particularly the underserved. Interested participants can register for this 90-minute event here.

Credit unions can access 2021 International Credit Union Day marketing materials by visiting CUNA’s website and the WOCCU website.

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