NY Minute Monday, October 25

star3 ‘Massive victory:’ New York grants credit unions access to Excelsior Linked Deposit Program, effective immediately THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 Get back in the New York groove! Announcing EXCEL 2022 THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 What is important to your credit union? THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 This week: CEO Roundtables Oct. 26 & 27 THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 More than 200 members of Congress co-sign letter over threshold increase in IRS reporting proposal CUTODAY 

star3 New NY law lets workers propose hours cut instead of layoffs SPECTRUM NEWS 

star3 House GOP demands info about ‘secret’ postal banking pilot WASHINGTON CREDIT UNION DAILY 

star3 Credit card spending returns for credit unions CU TIMES 

star3 Climate change is bad: Now what? NEW YORK’S STATE OF MIND 


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