Risk alert: Accidents/incidents at CUs increasing at ‘alarming rate’

In its latest risk alert, CUNA Mutual Group is warning that incidents and accidents involving members that are resulting in losses for credit unions are increasing at an “alarming rate.”

Several potential hazards can cause accidents at credit unions, yet no matter how the incident occurred, credit union personnel should get in the habit of keeping records and carefully documenting member incidents and injuries, the risk alert states. This habit can strengthen incident investigations, which includes reviewing security videos, taking photographs, getting statements from witnesses and examining root causes.

The risk alert encourages credit unions to develop procedures for completing an accident/incident report that is approved by legal counsel. At a minimum, the report should include the following:

  • date and time of incident;
  • employee name completing the report;
  • witness contact information (name and number);
  • injured party information: name, address, email, telephone number, phone number, member number etc.;
  • where the incident / injury occurred: address, department etc.;
  • type of injury;
  • were emergency services required ;
  • emergency service called: police, fire ambulance etc.;
  • name of person who called;
  • was injured person taken to hospital;
  • who transported the injured;
  • environmental conditions that may have contributed to incident;
  • witness statements;
  • witness information: name, address and telephone number;
  • guidelines to provide a narrative of the incident containing only facts, not opinions;
  • the requirement to report and document all incidents/accidents immediately;
  • statement from injured party; and
  • photographs should be taken of the scene, or video surveillance footage should be retrieved if applicable, and retained for an extended period of time.

In addition, employees should be trained on how to complete the report and advised to never accept liability following an incident or accident. Further, all injuries or property damage should be reported to CUNA Mutual Group within 24 hours.

CUNA Mutual Group’s risk alerts, in addition to additional risk-prevention resources, may be accessed in their Protection Resource Center. Log-in is required.

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