Webinar: Ways to help young people move toward financial stability

The NCUA and FDIC are co-hosting a webinar, “Account Access and Financial Education for Youth Participating in Employment,” focused on credit union officials, bankers, and workforce providers who help young people ages 16–24 move toward financial stability, on Thursday, April 14, at 1 p.m.  

Attendees will hear from a representative from the National Endowment for Financial Education, NEFE, who will share insights from recent updates to NEFE’s Personal Finance Ecosystem, a visual roadmap that lays out factors influencing financial well-being. The discussion will include popular media outlets that young people independently seek to increase their personal financial knowledge, including information about financial influencers or “finfluencers.”

With millions of young followers, “finfluencers” have become some of the most sought-out content creators on the Internet concerning financial literacy. Join the webinar to learn how financial education has dramatically changed, and come away with actionable practices that shape an individual’s financial well-being.

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