Webinar: Explore ways YourMoneyFurther.com can benefit your credit union

The New York Credit Union Association has officially endorsed the newly relaunched Credit Union Awareness campaign, YourMoneyFurther.com, aimed at increasing consumer consideration of credit unions for financial services, with the goal of increasing awareness of the unique opportunities and benefits that credit unions provide in their communities.

Credit union professionals are invited to a national program update on Monday, May 2 at 1 p.m., which will cover Q1 2022 YourMoneyFurther.com performance, share program learnings and insights and more about the transition to the next stage of the program.

By utilizing YourMoneyFurther.com, credit unions have a unique opportunity to embrace new membership opportunities and enhance their brand awareness, while at the same time expanding their visibility and engaging consumers more directly.

The consumer website not only serves as the destination for paid ads, but also connects consumers with more content about the benefits of joining a credit union. In addition, the website highlights participating credit unions by encouraging consumers to “Join Now.”

By combining aspects of the latest technology with traditional, local promotional efforts, the platform elevates the images of participating credit unions, providing them with expanded visibility to engage consumers more directly — and seamlessly connect those consumers with their credit union.

“The first three years of the program has shown us that consumers are eager to learn more about credit unions, but they want more than information; they want a clearly defined digital pathway to connect with a credit union,” said Christopher Lorence, Credit Union Awareness executive director. “This strategic expansion will now better complete the consumer journey by urging people to not only find, but also join, a credit union. There are millions and millions of consumers who are ready to add a credit union as their best financial partner.”

Look for more details about the upcoming YourMoneyFurther.com campaign as it goes live in New York state in the weeks to come!

Credit union professionals can learn more about the benefits of utilizing YourMoneyFurther.com in a short video that illustrates the membership opportunities participating credit unions can take advantage of by activating the program.

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