NY Minute Wednesday, May 4

star3 Mellin: New lieutenant governor a friend to CUs and a thoughtful, dynamic leader THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3Risk alert: Are Zelle/P2P fraud victims entitled to protection under Reg E? THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 How to support the CU movement, plus a chance to win prizes!  THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 With Senate hearing on card swipes today, CU trade groups join ABA in letter denouncing any changes CUTODAY 

star3 Consumer groups call on CFPB to take tough position on ‘junk fees’ CU COLLABORATE 

star3 The Fed is set to pull back economic help rapidly. Is it too late? DNYUZ https://dnyuz.com/2022/05/04/the-fed-is-set-to-pull-back-economic-help-rapidly-is-it-too-late/

star3 Record low 30 percent say it’s a good time to buy a house: Gallup THE HILL 

star3 Hochul doesn’t want to move more primaries to August STATE OF POLITICS 

star3 Democrats clash over return to office as NYC cubicles sit vacant POLITICO 


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