Partnership aims to further credit union success

Alloya Corporate FCU and QCash Financial CUSO are partnering in an effort to further support credit union success, the two organizations recently announced.

Alloya FCU’s mission is to support credit union success by providing affordable and efficient access to an array of products and services through its one-stop transaction system, Premier View.

QCash’s platform allows members of Alloya’s member credit unions to go from clicking a loan link to actual funds in their account in under sixty seconds and does not use a credit score or report for underwriting. This helps credit unions practice financial inclusion, serve the underbanked, and allows credit unions to say “yes” more often since it uses QCash’s patented relational underwriting rather than traditional credit scores.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with QCash as part of our ongoing mission to make our member credit unions’ jobs easier,” says Todd Adams, Alloya Corporate FCU CEO. “QCash’s platform can significantly reduce friction in the lending process and will give natural person members access to safe, affordable small-dollar loans.”

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