Here is what the NCUA board will consider this week

The NCUA has released its agenda for the agency’s upcoming board of directors meeting on Thursday, July 21 at 10 a.m. Items on this week’s agenda include:

  • Board briefing, 2022 mid-session budget;
  • Final Rule, Parts 700, 701, 708a, 708b, 750 and 790, Asset and Supervision Threshold for Determining the Appropriate Supervisory Office; and
  • Proposed Rule, Part 748, Cyber Incident Notification Requirements.

Threshold for determining the appropriate supervisory office
The notice of proposed rulemaking regarding the threshold for determining the appropriate supervisory office would amend the agency’s regulations to change the $10 billion asset threshold for assigning federally insured credit unions to the Office of National Examinations and Supervision, known as ONES.

The proposed rule would change the asset threshold used to determine when a consumer credit union comes under the enhanced supervision of the NCUA’s Office of National Examinations and Supervision.

Details about the proposed cyber incident notification requirement rule have not yet been released.

The meeting will be streamed live on the NCUA website, and results will be reported in The New York Minute.

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