NY Minute Wednesday, August 10

star3 Association joins CU, banking groups to express concerns over interchange bill THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 P2P grows as legal and compliance risk NEW YORK’S STATE OF MIND 

star3 Financial well-being competition for kids aims to raise CU awareness, financial literacy THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 Two upstate N.Y. credit unions to merge CU TIMES 

star3 Pessimism about ability to purchase a home hits decade-long high CUTODAY 

star3 Survey seeks to determine how well market is proceeding in shedding LIBOR from legacy contracts REGULATORY REPORT 

star3 New laws extend statute of limitations to 10 years in PPP, EIDL fraud cases BANKING DIV

star3 Clashing arguments push court to choose author of new Assembly lines STATE OF POLITICS






























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