Webinar series aims to help small businesses navigate economic challenges

The Small Business Administration on Tuesday announced a new webinar series aimed at informing and connecting small business owners with SBA resources and tools to meet today’s economic challenges.

The SBA says the goals of “The Bottom Line” webinar series include:

  • connecting small business owners with SBA, SBA Resource Partners and SBDA resources and tools;
  • addressing timely issues facing small businesses during current economic times;
  • amplifying SBA resource partners;
  • uplifting Small Business Majority partners’ work on the ground; and
  • collaborating with other existing SBA alliances such as the Small Business Digital Alliance, the D9, and others.

The first webinar in this series is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 6, titled “How to Combat Inflation as a Small Business Owner.” The session will provide an overview of operational strategies, funding options and resources that can help business owners deal with inflation.

Other webinar topics in the series will include:

  • supply chain strategy;
  • lowering costs;
  • increasing revenues;
  • operational efficiency;
  • workforce development;
  • new market entry;
  • technology; and
  • extending marketing reach online.

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