Credit Union Awareness participants see rise in membership

Credit Union Awareness, the national and state-level consumer marketing program that generates awareness and engagement for credit unions, is reporting increases in membership in states where the program has launched.

The announcement comes five months after relaunching — a resource that connects consumers directly to credit unions. 

In total, in states where Credit Union Awareness has had robust credit union engagement, credit unions have seen 20% more memberships each year and acquired 1.2 million more members in aggregate than non-participating states over the same period. Analysis of membership data since launch also indicates that nearly 60% of participating states experienced a growth rate of 10% or higher.

“In just a few short years, participating states have seen significant membership growth,” said Chris Lorence, executive director of Credit Union Awareness, a subsidiary of CUNA. “We are excited to see these results and look forward to continuing to grow the program and connect even more qualified consumers directly to credit unions.”

Learn more at CEO Roundtable
Credit union leaders can learn more about the Credit Union Awareness program at the New York Credit Union Association’s CEO Roundtable, set for Oct. 25-26, where Lorence will be a featured speaker. He will also talk about and how participating credit unions can connect their website for maximum consumer engagement opportunities, and provide insights on how credit unions can harness the insights of the program to improve their own digital marketing efforts.
By utilizing, credit unions have a unique opportunity to embrace new membership opportunities and enhance their brand awareness, while at the same time expanding their visibility and engaging consumers more directly.

The consumer website not only serves as the destination for paid ads, but also connects consumers with more content about the benefits of joining a credit union. In addition, the website highlights participating credit unions by encouraging consumers to “Join Now.”

By combining aspects of the latest technology with traditional, local promotional efforts, the platform elevates the images of participating credit unions, providing them with expanded visibility to engage consumers more directly — and seamlessly connect those consumers with their credit union.

Credit union professionals can learn more about the benefits of utilizing in a short video that illustrates the membership opportunities participating credit unions can take advantage of by activating the program.

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