AmeriCU celebrates renovated financial center

AmeriCU Credit Union celebrated the recently completed renovation of its Liverpool Financial Center on Nov 15, which showcases the latest and greatest features and improvements in financial services. 

Sleek new teller pods and interactive teller machines offer enhanced member service — both self-serve and full-service — and members have the option for teller assist functionality for personal assistance by a live representative. AmeriCU’s waiting areas allow for an innovative new flow for AmeriCU representatives to be on the floor, allowing them to be approachable and available when they are needed. 

“The financial wellness of our members is always our top priority,” said Ron Belle, president/CEO of AmeriCU. “We value the importance of investing in the future of our community, and as we look ahead, the renovation of this financial center is a testament to all the growth and development that is happening in this area. The connections we develop between our members, our team and our community has allowed us to not only grow as an organization but to also develop and expand what we offer to our members to continue to meet their needs.”

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