Don’t miss out on 2022 complimentary webinars!

Member credit unions can take advantage of two complimentary webinars available to them in 2022, courtesy of the New York Credit Union Association’s partnership with the Credit Union Webinar Network. But act soon, because these promotional codes are only valid through Dec. 31, 2022.

In January, each credit union was sent two unique, complimentary promotional codes that can be used to purchase any two live or recorded webinars from the 2022 webinar lineup. The codes do not, however, apply to virtual conferences.

In 2022, the Credit Union Webinar Network offered more than 150 webinars from more than 40 dynamic, expert industry speakers. Webinar topics include: audit & accounting, collections, compliance, director strategies, frontline & new accounts, human resources, information technology, IRAs, lending, marketing, operations, security & fraud, senior management best practices and more.

To learn how to redeem the promotional codes, visit the Association’s website.

Subscription tokens
Member credit unions can also purchase Subscription Tokens. Tokens are a great way to use any remaining training dollars without having to purchase a webinar training right now. Tokens can be used to purchase live or on-demand webinars anytime.

Subscription tokens do not expire, so buy anywhere from 5 tokens and up to save money on webinar training later.

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