Weekly Roundup: Celebrating 75 Years of International Credit Union Day

Celebrating 75 Years, International Credit Union Day 2023

International Credit Union Day (ICU Day) has been a beacon of celebration for the global credit union community since its inception in 1948. As we celebrate its 75th anniversary on October 19, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the dedication of credit union employees and volunteers and the difference they make in their communities. ICU Day serves as a heartfelt reminder of the values that drive our industry, and NYCUA is honored to be a part of this legacy.

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TruStage: A Partnership Embodying the Heart of the Credit Union Movement

TruStage logo

By William J. Mellin, President/CEO

As we near the end of International Credit Union Week, it’s a good time to reflect on the organizations and individuals who’ve championed our movement. This year’s theme is a powerful reminder that credit unions, rooted in local communities but with a global touch, have a unique role. It’s about helping members through thick and thin and always being there.

As we reflect, it’s crucial to mention our partnership with TruStage, an essential organization in our industry that’s gone above and beyond to support our events, provide essential resources, and even step up during challenging times. Their support amplifies our efforts, making it possible for us to serve our New York communities and be part of a larger, global effort.

To put it simply, we’re thankful for TruStage. Their partnership has strengthened both the New York credit union community and the global movement. Here’s to continuing our work together, hand in hand.

Celebrate Credit Unions By Supporting FOCUS NY

FOCUS New York, New York's Credit Union Political Action Committee.

In honor of International Credit Union Day, we’re shining a light on the pivotal role FOCUS New York plays in championing our shared values. Our dedicated political action committee tirelessly works to empower candidates for the NYS government who truly represent the credit union philosophy.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all our contributors and credit unions for their generous contributions throughout 2023. As we come together to celebrate our global movement, let’s strengthen our local advocacy. Donate to FOCUS NY today and help us achieve our ambitious goal of raising $100,000 this year. Your support reinforces our collective commitment to the credit union cause.

Is Your 2024 Marketing Plan Ready?

Attendees at the NYCUA Marketing Conference

The new year is fast approaching, and a refreshed credit union marketing strategy is a must. If refining or redefining your 2024 marketing approach is on the agenda, NYCUA’s 2023 Marketing Conference is the event to attend. This comprehensive gathering will feature industry stalwarts who’ll delve into an array of crucial marketing topics. Attendees can expect insights on navigating a rapidly changing market, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, crafting strategic marketing plans, understanding generational marketing differences, and more.

The conference is slated for November 1 & 2 at the Saratoga Casino Hotel. Don’t miss out on this enriching experience—register by October 20, 2023, to secure your spot and elevate your 2024 marketing strategy.

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