Straight to The Point: January 22


Good morning and welcome back. The federal government is (partially) shutdown, and lawmakers in Congress are working towards an agreement to fund the government for at least a few more weeks. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees face furloughs. In New York, the Legislature is in session. Here’s what’s happening this morning:

star3 Nominations are now open for the Association’s 2018 Recognition Awards, which honor credit unions and individuals for their exceptional contributions to the credit union movement – NYCUA

star3 Dennis Dollar, the former NCUA board chairman, will address New York attendees at the 2018 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference – The Point

star3 The Association’s Young Professionals Commission is conducting a brief online survey. The survey will be used to develop the Commission’s educational session for young professionals and volunteers at the 2018 Annual Meeting & Convention – The Point

star3 The House last week passed legislation that would raise the threshold for the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act’s reporting requirements – CU Times

star3 Jonathan Dever, a Republican Ohio state representative and defense lawyer, is being touted as a top candidate to lead the CFPB – CU Journal

star3 A bipartisan group of state attorneys general are backing a House bill that would allow financial institutions to serve the marijuana industry – CUToday

star3 Senate negotiators are working on a bill that would place Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into receivership and replace them with multiple mortgage guarantors – American Banker

star3 Technologists are examining whether it’s possible to create a single digital identity that can be seamlessly and securely used at financial institutions, hospitals, consumer websites and elsewhere – CUinfoSecurity

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