Straight to The Point: February 23


Good morning, happy Friday. The House and Senate will meet in pro forma sessions today with no votes expected. The Legislature is not in session, but the Senate Independent Democratic Conference will hold a hearing to examine cryptocurrency regulation and the state’s BitLicense. Here’s what else is happening today:

star3 The Association is currently seeking new candidates to serve on the Young Professionals Commission – NYCUA

star3 Young professionals and volunteers can also apply for the Young Professionals Grant to attend the Association’s 2018 Annual Meeting & Convention – The Point

star3 The Association helped Ticonderoga FCU obtain a community charter expansion that was recently approved by NCUA – The Point

star3 Many organizations—including financial institutions—overlook basic mobile cybersecurity principles, leaving themselves vulnerable to attacks – CU Times

star3 The Supreme Court has declined to intervene in a case centered on how the fate of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be handled – CUToday

star3 The credit scores of about 20 million Americans recently improved as a result of new policies implemented by the three major credit bureaus, but the change brings about new compliance considerations – CUES

star3 Researchers are working to improve conversational artificial intelligence systems by letting them talk to people on the internet – New York Times

star3 Google began rolling out a new functionality in its Chrome browser that will halt some of the web’s most irritating advertising formats, but experts say Google’s advertising blocking only addresses one aspect of the online advertising ecosystem – CUinfoSecurity

star3 In many ways, the bank lobby’s latest attacks are a sign of credit union success, not weakness – New York’s State of Mind

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