Straight to The Point: June 12, 2018


star3 During the 2018 Annual Meeting & Convention, the New York Credit Union Foundation unveiled a new video that highlights the critical assistance the Foundation provided to Puerto Rico’s credit union community following Hurricane MariaThe Point

star3 The National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions is hosting a “Juntos Avanzamos Northeast Regional Credit Union Roundtable” on June 19 at the Federation’s New York City headquartersFederation

star3 Registration is open for the New York Credit Union Association’s Basic Accounting Workshops, which will be held July 24 and 25 in Buffalo and Syracuse The Point

star3 On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will stop providing technical assistance and automatic updates for Windows 7, meaning that ATMs not running on a newer version of the operating system could be vulnerable to hackers and malware – CU Times

star3 Funding for community development financial institutions is once again in the cross-hairs of the Trump Administration – CUToday

star3 The 2018 selloff in cryptocurrencies deepened, wiping out approximately $42 billion of market value over the weekend and extending this year’s slump in Bitcoin to more than 50 percentBloomberg 

star3 The Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality rules, which had required internet service providers to offer equal access to all web content, took effect on Monday – New York Times

star3 Relative to their size, newer top-level domains are far riskier to visit than most online destinations – KrebsOnSecurity  

star3 Taxi medallions are going on the auction block this week, which means the true price of medallions will be known – and that could be bad news for some credit unions – New York’s State of Mind







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