Straight to The Point: September 5, 2018


star3 NCUA is inviting credit unions to attend a “Diversity and Inclusion Summit” on Thursday, Sept. 13, in New York City. The event will focus on best practices for promoting diversity in financial services The Point

star3 The CFPB issued an interpretive and procedural rule on Friday, clarifying HDMA partial exemptions contained in the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act The Point

star3 The Young Professionals Commission will host a beginner’s golf clinic at the Capital Chapter’s annual golf tournament – The Point

star3 NCUA is evaluating the results of a pilot program testing remote examinations for credit unions – CU Journal

star3 New data shows the average yield on investments rose 13 basis points from the previous quarter, reaching the highest level since December 2010 – CUToday

star3 Given the various strategic options available to financial institutions, the biggest challenge posed by open banking is not technological or regulatory, but organizational – CU Times

star3 A scam targeting homeowners is leaving some without the down payment for their closing on the day the loan is to be signed – CNBC

star3 Old-school retailers are updating their brick-and-mortar locations and customer experiences, leading to some of their best sales growth in years – New York Times

star3 Another domino fell in the taxi medallion chain reaction on Friday when NCUA announced that Melrose CU had been liquidated – New York’s State of Mind

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