Volunteer Leadership Conference recap at Turning Stone


The New York Credit Union Association’s 2018 Volunteer Leadership Conference concluded over the weekend in Verona. Over the course of two days, attendees heard insightful presentations specifically for New York credit union board directors and supervisory committee members.

This year’s session topics included:

  • First, Examine Thyself – 10 High-Level Questions Boards and Supervisory Committees Can Use to Increase their Effectiveness, led by Diane Reed, president of CU Doctor;
  • Seeing the Forest through the trees: Board responsibilities in a time of legal, regulatory and economic uncertainty, led by Henry Meier, Association general counsel; and
  • Financial Complexity and Good Governance: How Do Volunteers Face the New Reality? facilitated by David Reed, author, consultant and attorney at Reed & Jolly, PLLC.

David and Diane Reed began the second day of the event with a session titled, “Crises Communications: What to Do When Bad Things Happen,” which explored the essential elements of crises management and how they offered the best practices for dealing with bad things that come about.

The conference concluded with presentations for the board of directors track and the supervisory committee members track with presentations facilitated by David and Diane Reed.

Diane Reed led the board of directors’ track with a session on strategy and tactics that explored real life scenarios asking themselves the question, “strategy or tactic?” The session helped participants come away with a checklist of techniques for maintaining strategy in their credit unions.

She followed that with a final session titled, “Spotting the Red Flags: An Interactive Approach to Reading the Board Package.” In this informative session Reed examined the ins and outs of effective Board Package evaluation and helped recognize potential red flags before it is too late.

David Reed facilitated the supervisory committee track with a first session titled, “Supervisory Committee – Avoiding Common Landmines,” which explored conflicts of interest, complaint management, audit requirements and internal control issues.

Reed concluded the supervisory committee track with a final session titled, “The Supervisory Committee’s Role as Fraud Fighter.” This session explored the special responsibilities of the supervisory committee and the best practices of fraud control and detection.

“The conference was very well attended this year.  There were many solid take-aways for the volunteers to bring back to their boards and supervisory committees.  The two day event focused on the importance of director responsibilities and key review tools and questions for members of the supervisory committee,” said Linda Bow, director of compliance at the New York Credit Union Association.

To view pictures from the event, visit the Association’s Facebook page.

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