Recognition Round-Up: Alternative FCU’s Wilbur earns CUDE designation


Brendan Wilbur, community programs manager of Alternatives FCU, recently earned the Credit Union Development Educator designation from the National Credit Union Foundation. Wilbur was one of 42 credit union professionals nationwide to earn the prestigious designation after a weeklong session in Madison, Wisconsin.

“This special designation represents a badge of pride, it connects me to the heartbeat of our movement and inspires myself to do so much more for Alternatives FCU,” said Wilbur. “The certification signifies a process, and what that means is I now feel connected to the movement, I see the bigger picture and I see what we as credit unions are capable of. The CUDE certification means I have a role and a responsibility to the movement and that is a process that will stay with me for the rest of my career.”

The National Foundation’s unique DE training provides critical lessons in cooperative principles, credit union philosophy and international development issues while incorporating challenges that credit unions face today.

About Recognition Round-Up

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