The Point bids farewell


Welcome to the final edition of The Point, the New York Credit Union Association’s longtime newsletter. On Jan. 2, to coincide with the new year—and as part of a larger effort to revamp our email communications—the Association will be rolling out a new daily e-newsletter with the goal of bringing expanded content to the New York credit union community.

“From our perspective, The Point has long been an important tool for relaying our key positions, as well as Association updates and industry news, with our member credit unions on a daily basis,” said Association President/CEO William J. Mellin. “Our goals for the new newsletter will be similar, though we look forward to taking a deeper dive into industry and state issues that are affecting New York’s credit unions. We are really looking to become New York’s must-read source for credit union news.”

The Association has published The Point, in one form or another, since June 5, 2008. Originally a weekly publication, it has been published every work day since December 2012. However, the Association’s newsletters date back to at least 1956.

A history of our newsletters was recounted in an earlier edition of The Point:

The first edition of The Point was published June 5, 2008. At the time, the weekly newsletter was printed and mailed to each member credit union. In December of 2009, The Point made its debut in the digital format, though it wasn’t until April of 2012 that the New York Credit Union Association—then the Credit Union Association of New York—transitioned to daily distribution.

But before The Point there was the League Lines newsletter; Center Lines came before that. For a brief time there was New York’s own Credit Union Journal. And preceding them all was CU-Vues, the Association’s longtime printed newsletter that was published for nearly three decades.

The first CU-Vues (pronounced “Q-views,” according to an early edition) was printed in 1956, and it remained in publication until 1985. To be sure, the Association had other publications over the decades, but before the digital age, these early newsletters proved to be a vital source for credit union news with a New York slant.

While the articles in The Point have frequently been succinct, the effort that goes into putting out a daily credit union publication for the past six years—even with technical glitches and power outages, vacation and sick days, and slow news cycles—has not always been as straightforward. Nevertheless, The Point has found its way to your inbox, and our forthcoming newsletter will do the same.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.

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