Straight to The Point: December 31, 2018


Reminder: The New York Credit Union Association and our Affiliates will be closed tomorrow, Jan. 1. The Point will resume publication on Wednesday. Happy New Year!

star3 Welcome to the final edition of The Point, the New York Credit Union Association’s longtime newsletter. On Jan. 2, to coincide with the new year—and as part of a larger effort to revamp our email communications—the Association will be rolling out a new daily e-newsletter with the goal of bringing expanded content to the New York credit union community – The Point

star3 Andrew Cuomo signed into law an Association-backed bill that benefits credit union members. Under the legislation, consumers who have their car repossessed will now have up to 10 days to turn in their license plates, potentially allowing them to avoid costly re-registration fees – The Point

star3 Nominations are open for the Association’s 2019 Recognition Awards, which honor credit unions and individuals for their exceptional contributions to the credit union movement – The Point

star3 Mobile-payment using millennials in the U.S. are less likely to be financially literate than others of the same age who don’t use mobile payments – CUToday

star3 The Association, through a partnership with the Credit Union Webinar Network, offers dozens of educational webinars each year. A number of webinars are scheduled for January, and registration is open – The Point

star3 The number of ATMs in the world will shrink in the next few years largely due to declining demand for cash in China, but ATM markets in most other countries will actually grow – CU Times

star3 Contract signings to purchase previously owned U.S. homes unexpectedly fell for a second month in November, offering yet another sign that the housing market is struggling – Bloomberg

star3 The Affordable Care Act, which was ruled invalid by a federal judge this month, will remain in effect while that ruling is appealed – New York Times

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