What’s the difference between the Young Professionals Commission and YP Network?

PrintBy Torii Brawdy, Secretary, Young Professionals Commission

In credit union communications and at events throughout the year, it’s common to hear or see the phrases, Young Professionals Commission and Young Professionals Network, or their abbreviated forms, YPC and YPN. These abbreviations are widely used, but often misunderstood. Here’s a quick explanation of both:

The YPC stands for Young Professionals Commission, which is a group of up to 19 credit union young professionals and/or volunteers from New York Credit Union Association-member credit unions. These individuals, ages 39 or under, have been nominated by their credit union CEO and appointed by the Association’s President/CEO William J. Mellin.

The Commission represents and works to provide educational opportunities for the Young Professionals Network, or YPN. The Young Professionals Network is an umbrella term for all of the young professionals and volunteers, ages 39 and younger, who work or volunteer at any Association-member credit union in New York.

The YP Network is also the name of the Association’s listserv for young professionals and volunteers. The listserv provides users with an avenue to ask questions, share ideas and network with their peers from throughout the state (for more information on the Association’s listservs and why you should subscribe, click here.)

Additional information about both the Commission and the Network are available on the Association’s website.

Torii Brawdy is the marketing & community relations manager at Western New York FCU, and the secretary of the Young Professionals Commission.

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