Kick off the new year with January webinars

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The New York Credit Union Association’s January webinars kick off on Jan. 7 with a BSA/AML compliance session. This program will provide details on how to identify and assess the risk—low, medium or high—associated with members and products. The Association, through a partnership with the Credit Union Webinar Network, offers dozens of educational webinars each year, and registration is now open for the January sessions.

Additional webinar topics in January will include:

star3 the top 10 HMDA challenges;

star3 accounting nightmares regarding TDRs, foreclosed assets and investments;

star3 compliance at account opening;

star3 incorporating diversity and inclusion into HR policies;

star3 call report fundamentals for new preparers and reviewers;

star3 data-driven loan pricing;

star3 2020 IRA and HSA update, including pending and breaking legislation;

star3 governance for volunteers;

star3 advanced Issues in dormant accounts, unclaimed property and escheatment; and

star3 UCC 3 and 4 check issues, including stop payments, postdated, stale-dated and endorsements.

To learn more or to register for a webinar, visit the Association’s events calendar.

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