NY Minute: Wednesday, March 11


star3 DFS asks for financial institutions’ preparedness plans in wake of coronavirus THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 CDFI conference registration open until March 15 THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 Alloya Corporate FCU offers unique products and services to credit unions THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 What CUs should be prepared for, be doing in wake of fed rate cut CUTODAY

star3 Mortgage refinance applications spike 79% as homeowners rush to take advantage of lower rates CNBC

star3 Super-low interest rates disappear from mortgage comparison sites HOUSINGWIRE

star3 State and city officials worry coronavirus will tank economy, finance NEW YORK POST

star3 Financial firms around the world ramp up contingency plans as coronavirus hits REUTERS

star3 Banking must provide financial relief in times of economic stress THE FINANCIAL BRAND

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