CUs can still register for Wednesday’s 2020 Volunteer Leadership Virtual Conference

There is still time to register for the New York Credit Union Association’s 2020 Volunteer Leadership Virtual Conference, set for Oct. 16 from 9 to 11 a.m., but registration closes tomorrow, Oct. 14.

Join fellow directors and supervisory committee members for insightful presentations at this virtual event. No matter your title, this conference will provide participants with fresh ideas to help their credit union better serve their members.

Kevin Smith of TEAM Resources will lead a discussion, “Credit Unions and the Infinite Game,” exploring why some people play finite games to “win,” which can jeopardize the health of an organization. He will discuss how a flipped mindset can work in lockstep with credit union principles and philosophies and can help credit unions thrive.

Smith will also lead a board breakout session “Embracing Digital Thinking,” focusing on the recent challenges during the pandemic and using them to pivot and slingshot board governance thinking to a new level.

Susan Landauer of Forensic Accounting Services Group, LLC, will lead a supervisory committee breakout session titled “Cybersecurity: What Is Your Role?”

Professional development grant opportunities are available for this conference. To achieve its mission of fostering the financial independence of New Yorkers through credit unions, the New York Credit Union Foundation provides financial support through several grant programs, including one to further professional development. More information about the Foundation’s grants can be found on the Foundation website.

Click here to register. The full Fall 2020 virtual event lineup can be accessed on the Association’s website.

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