Learn about the possibilities of solar lending

Credit union professionals can participate in a short, introductory self-paced course that reviews why getting involved in solar lending can be a good business proposition for community-based lenders, and reviews the many options for doing so. 

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • understand the basics of solar technology and the growing solar market;
  • evaluate factors for whether solar lending makes solid business sense for a financial institution;
  • advocate for why solar finance is a growing opportunity that makes solid business sense for a financial institution;
  • assess opportunities for your financial institution to participate in solar finance through a variety of different channels; and
  • determine next steps your organization should take on its journey towards becoming a solar lender.

This self-paced, entirely online course presented by Inclusiv, a New York Credit Union Association strategic partner, will take about two to four hours of “class time,” not counting any additional time for optional readings, self-reflection, market assessment and conversations with team members at your financial institution, as well as with stakeholders in your local solar industry. 

Interested participants can register here

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