Webinar: Maximize consumer engagement opportunities

Credit union professionals can explore ways to maximize consumer engagement opportunities from YourMoneyFurther and the Credit Union Awareness program in a webinar today at 4 p.m.

YourMoneyFurther connects thousands of consumers a month with participating credit unions. Credit unions can track consumer traffic and product/service interest all the way to their own websites.

The Credit Union Awareness digital team from The Sasha Group will review four tactics to help credit unions maximize consumer engagement opportunities, including:

  • Messaging: Clear, consistent messaging is key across your target touchpoints.
  • Paid media: Are you investing where your audience is? Are you reaching the right people?
  • Landing pages: Importance of using campaign-specific destination pages to create consistent messaging and drive a user to specific action.
  • SEO: A great tool to drive organic traffic. Create content to build your authority and optimize for your local market.

Interested participants can register here.

By utilizing YourMoneyFurther.com, credit unions have a unique opportunity to embrace new membership opportunities and enhance their brand awareness, while at the same time expanding their visibility and engaging consumers more directly.

The consumer website not only serves as the destination for paid ads, but also connects consumers with more content about the benefits of joining a credit union. In addition, the website highlights participating credit unions by encouraging consumers to “Join Now.”

By combining aspects of the latest technology with traditional, local promotional efforts, the platform elevates the images of participating credit unions, providing them with expanded visibility to engage consumers more directly — and seamlessly connect those consumers with their credit union.

Credit union professionals can learn more about the benefits of utilizing YourMoneyFurther.com in a short video that illustrates the membership opportunities participating credit unions can take advantage of by activating the program.

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