Straight to The Point: February 14


Good morning. Slight correction to yesterday’s edition: It was the Senate Budget Committee that held a hearing yesterday to examine the president’s 2019 fiscal year budget. The Finance Committee will hold their hearing to examine the proposed budget today. The House is scheduled to consider a bill to amend the Americans with Disabilities Act (the bill addresses architectural barriers). The Legislature is adjourned until Feb. 27. In other news:

star3 The New York Credit Union Association yesterday released its annual Membership Survey. CEOs/managers of all Association-member credit unions are encouraged to complete the survey – The Point

star3 The Association and employee benefits broker Jaeger & Flynn hosted a complimentary webinar yesterday to explore how the company can help credit unions with the administration of their benefit programs. The webinar is available on-demand – NYCUA

star3 The National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions will host the third and final part of their CDFI Certification & Grant Webinar Series tomorrow, Feb. 15 at 2 p.m. – Federation

star3 President Donald Trump’s budget proposal again calls for the elimination of the CDFI Fund – CUToday

star3 The CFPB intends to scrub its existing rules to determine if they strictly follow the Dodd-Frank Act and go no further – CU Times

star3 In less than two years time, some 3.5 million ATMs will need to be upgraded to the Windows 10 operating system – CU Journal

star3 Beginning in July, Google Chrome will mark every site that does not use HTTPS encryption as “not secure” – CUinfoSecurity

star3 Regardless of budget or staffing, there are steps credit unions can take to start learning how “voice banking” will play a part in digital strategy – The Financial Brand

star3 The credit union movement is reaching the point where medallion losses could have a direct impact on the Share Insurance Fund – New York’s State of Mind

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