GSTV: Let your community know you are there

female pumper

Credit unions can connect with consumers in their communities through Gas Station TV, which offers customizable and localized advertising at thousands of gas pumps throughout New York.

GSTV is a proven way to let communities know about the services credit unions provide. GSTV grants the flexibility needed to drive the most value possible through customizable, localized ad campaigns. It delivers the hard-to-reach, on-the-go consumer with a one-on-one exposure to credit union ads.

A recent study found that, among GSTV viewers:

  • 66 percent would consider joining a credit union;
  • 11 percent are more likely to acquire a new checking or savings account;
  • 78 percent are likely to use a credit card for gas; and
  • 21 percent are more likely to acquire a mortgage or refinance within 12 months.

Advertisers have a captive audience at the gas station, with 88 percent of that audience reporting that they enjoy watching GSTV. Research shows that GSTV delivers twice the ad recall of traditional media. Additionally, GSTV has more unique viewers than Netflix and reaches more millennials than Snapchat. Also, 41 percent of GSTV viewers are millennials, meaning GSTV has a 26 percent greater reach than TV.

To learn more, contact GSTV National Business Consultant Shana Sistek at or (734) 377-4336.

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