NY Minute Tuesday February 9

star3 Navigating PPP2: Explore latest guidance, automated forgiveness platform on demand THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 We want to hear from you: 2020 CU Impact Report Survey is live! THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 Guide aims to help credit unions provide consistent, unified messaging THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 House Dems’ COVID-19 aid bill includes $1,400 checks THE HILL 

star3 Democrats unveil one-year plan to send up to $3,600 per child to households CNBC 

star3 New Senate banking chair indicates willingness to move on cannabis legislation if… CUTODAY 

star3 Expect mortgage rates to tick up a bit this month THE STREET 

star3 COVID-19 vaccine: Should employers give workers paid time off or other incentives to get vaccinated? USA TODAY 

A few quick thoughts to start your credit union day NEW YORK’S STATE OF MIND 

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